Teaching Catholic Ethics: A Proposal

Best way how to teach Catholic ethics to youth is through a personal example of faithful Catholic parents, priests, relatives, teachers, or neighbors, properly interpreted and appreciated. However Catholic ethics can be imparted through the classrooms of Catholic schools as well. Classroom can reinforce or weaken that living example, by suggesting a certain interpretation of … Continue reading Teaching Catholic Ethics: A Proposal

Paradox in Biblical Ethics

There is a broad agreement that Christians should follow biblical ethics, i.e. the ethics that is presented on the pages of the Bible. The bible teaches specific ethical rules and it also teaches ethical reasoning that tells how to apply the rules to the concrete situations. It is possible to apply good principles in the … Continue reading Paradox in Biblical Ethics

Not So Silent St. Joseph

St. Joseph is one of the most impressive individuals of the New Testament. He was the protector and earthly legal father of Jesus. He is venerated as a patron saint of the Universal Church, of the Americas, and of many countries as well, including Austria, Belgium, Canada, and China. He is also a patron saint … Continue reading Not So Silent St. Joseph

Human Mercy Revisited

I dreaded my job interview at Zbrojovka Brno, a manufacturing company about 130 miles southeast of Prague. But the reality was even worse than my fears. I was sitting across the desk from a stern-looking apparatchik who was dressed in perfectly ironed Mao-Tse-Tung-style workwear, adorned by a red star lapel pin. He was slowly thumbing … Continue reading Human Mercy Revisited

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